What Products Do People Buy the Most Online

Human life has changed a lot ever since you were introduced to internet but perhaps one of the most recent and major changes that internet has brought into our lives other than social media is the option to shop online. While ransacking store shelves and touching items has its charm, convenience of online shopping has many invincible advantages, it has for the most part replaced traditional shopping especially in developed countries where people work the entire week and rarely get time off to pick up groceries or other items. Online shopping did take some time for people to rely upon and get used to. Consumers slowly but steadily adapted and learned to trust online shopping, though the fear of being conned by unreliable third party vendors is still there, it’s not as high as it was in the beginning.

The online shopping trend indicate that time is near when people buy more products online then from local stores

Following are the hot selling products categories online all over the world

Mobile Phones & Computer Products:

Trend indicate that mobile phones, mobile phones accessories and computer rates products are one of the best selling products online people love to shop computer and mobile related products online

Fashion & Clothing:

Fashion lovers are are around the world and people love to buy fashion products online. Clothes are the hot selling product online where young boy and girls do online clothes shopping regularly


Just as computers and mobile phone are hot selling products online so is the laptop. You can find great deals on laptops online therefore people love to buy laptops online specially at black Friday deals.


No matter how much advance technology is no one can replace the importance of books and it makes every sense that people are buying books online and book are among the top selling products all over the world.


Resume Writing Services | Professional Resume Writing Companies Pakistan

So you are done with your higher education and now searching for a new job? If you CV is outdated you won’t get many job interview calls because of competitive jobs market. In that case it’s best to take help from Professional CV writers in Pakistan. Just as in other countries there are many CV writing companies in Pakistan specially in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

Today we are going to write about best CV writing companies in Pakistan. So you can make right choice when finding yourself a good CV writer.


It is the Pakistan’s most popular CV agency which produces high quality, professional curriculum vitae and career document for fresh resource and professionals at reasonable cost. Being the top in the market they have high customer satisfaction rating and they are growing fast.

Address : 10 Wapda Town Phase 2 Lahore
Email : hello@betterjobspk.com
CV Domain Experts: IT, MBA, Creative Design, Software, HR and 100+ more
To learn more : http://www.betterjobspk.com/cv/


ProfessionalCV.pk offer comprehensive range of CV and cover letter packages to fresh graduate resources in Pakistan. They are in the market from quite sometime now. In-fact they are the pioneer in introducing the concept of offering online professional CV writing service in Pakistan.

Address : Office 1, Mezzanine Floor, 2-C, Jami Commercial Street- 6, Phase- VII, D.H.A., Karachi, Pakistan.
Email : info@professionalcv.pk
Experts: CV, Cover Letters, Career Documents, and Linkedin Profile
To learn more : http://www.professionalcv.pk


You must have notice CV builders advertisement on rickshaw while traveling in Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad. Yes jobee.pk is using creative advertisement to promote it’s brand. Jobee.pk has introduced the CV builders for candidates.

Address : Office 3rd Floor, Venus Plaza, 7-E Egerton Rd، Lahore 54000, Pakistan.
Email : info@jobee.pk
Domain Experts: CV Builders
To learn more : http://jobee.pk


One of the oldest and most trusted website Rozee.pk is offering CV writing service in Pakistan. They offer service to candidates from freshers to senior level. As they have huge database of jobs and candidates their service charges are higher than any of it’s competitor.

Address : Address : Suite # 210-A, 2nd Floor, Siddiq Trade Centre, 72-Main Boulevard, Gulberg II, Lahore
Email : info@rozee.pk
Domain Experts: Career Consulting
To learn more : https://www.rozee.pk

Career guru

Hammad Saddiqui Business Association Development Expert is also offering CV writing service to candidates in Pakistan at price ranging from RS.5,000 to Rs 10,000.

Email : hammadlinks@gmail.com
Domain Experts: Buseinss, CV writing
To learn more : http://careerguru.co/about-me/


Primarly an essay writing company but also get their hand dirty with CV writing service. Yes essaywriting.com.pk is another service in market offering CV writing.

Address : Address : BLock 13, B Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Karachi, Pakistan
Email : essaywritingpk@gmail.com
Domain Experts: Essay Writing, CV writing
To learn more : http://www.essaywriting.com.pk


Middle east leading website bayt.com now offering CV writing service in Pakistan also they have Over 20,000 MENA professionals have trusted them with their career. They now have office in Lahore as well.

Domain Experts: Jobs Placement, CV writing
To learn more : https://www.bayt.com


Social Media & Life of Doctors

Using social media due to time constraint is challenging for physicians Yet, many physicians understand the importance of social media for online business growth. Social media need to be in the list of online marketing plan for doctors. Social media has play a vital role to get patient know about your medical practice. It’s quite difficult for doctors to spend proper time on social media for business growth. This is reason many doctors outsource their social media to digital marketing company. As you know I started my healthcare digital marketing agency to help physicians with website development and online marketing. Update we are working with number of physicians helping them in overall digital marketing.

While working on a healthcare digital marketing agency I have notice one thing and that’s doctors are hesitant to invest big budget on online marketing and that’s probably because they are not so sure about ROI.

I believe it’s important for the doctors to understand about digital marketing and how it’s can help with the growth of their medical practice. If not all channels for digital marketing but at-least learn about the social media. I am sure once they will understand about digital marketing they will surely like to invest more on social media.

Here is how social media can help medical practices:

Social Media for Medical Practice Growth

  • By using social media doctors can communicate about the specialist and achievement he had with wider audience.
  • Doctors can build brand awareness by sharing relevant news/insight on his social media pages
  • Doctors can also allow patient to set an appointment through social media apps which can defiantly increase business
  • Doctors can share tips and relevant information like diet plan to built engaging community.

Once audience will see you account and active social media pages you will be able to attract more audience through them and this is how you can grow your medical practice through social media channels.

Scope for Content Writers in Pakistan

Why has the internet faced boom over the past years?So much content is now available on the internet which would have been confined to newspaper, TV or radio etc. Everything now is just a click away. This ease has attracted us all over the past years to rely on internet. Hence, this justifies the boom.

Content is what attracts viewers. It is the heart of a website. Therefore, your site plan must be supplemented by a right set of contents with the goal that you can pass on your message to the guests in the most ideal way that is available.

The content is a vital part and it should dependably be genuine and well written. Many good brands have managed to earn money by providing great content that caters their audience.

Visit a job website and you will find loads of jobs related to content writing. Already there are so many people in our country involved with content writing. The number keeps increasing. There are people who are in competition – they have the skills to generate powerful and rich content. So are there businesses hiring them.Not only local businesses but also foreign businesses hire our people.

Now the question that arises is of the future scope for content writers – if it will be good or bad. The answer is “YES”. This is the generation of technology. With internet being the most popular source out there for information the answer will always be “YES”. Businesses now have started to go on web. So will be there be in future. Hence, there will be demand for content writing service in Pakistan which can provide businesses with rich content.

But there is a condition. Content writing requires research skills and skills to generate quality content. People with both of them will find it easy in the future to stay in competition.

Furthermore, it depends on what type of content you are able and interested to produce. It will be useless to write articles, blogs etc which people do not read. So you need to be versatile with various topics.

Lastly, there is a prosperous future for content writers in Pakistan. Though I believe that the future is bleaker for non-talented and non-creative writers.

Dedicated Content Writers vs Shared Content Writers

Who are Dedicated Content writers?

Content that reflects superior quality without any filler is what businesses seek and it is what they need to stand out amongst the rest. Even a seasoned writer has their moments of low productivity if too many a projects are assigned to them. Therefore, unlike many other companies, we offer dedicated content writers to our clients. A dedicated content writer is not shared among clients and is responsible to handle only one client project. The practice of hiring dedicated content writers ensures high quality, better management and timely work completion.

Do We Offer Shared Content Writers? Yes!

Some of you businesses might be on a budget but that does not mean you should compromise on the quality of content, does it? Small-scale businesses and start-ups need higher quality content as much as any Fortune 500 company does and to serve them as well, we bring shared content writers. Besides dedicated content writers, we also provide equally eminent and proficient content writers hired on a shared basis for businesses on a budget. Shared Content Writers are not liable to work exclusively for one client and can be mutually assigned to a number of projects as per the demand.

How Do We Ensure Quality?

Mentioned and stressed upon like a gazillion times up till now, we wouldn’t hesitate mentioning it again that quality content without any filler is what makes content impeccable. And to ensure our clients get nothing short of the perfect content we not only hire educated, experienced and professional writers but, unlike other companies, we have set up a whole department dedicated to Content and Content writing. Our experts check every word being written for authenticity, flawless grammar and sound expression before forwarding the content to its respective owner. Maintaining quality is what matters the most to us and we go an extra mile to preserve it.

Why do you need content writers?

Content is still the king, whether on-site or off-site. Quality content is imperative but if the same content is SEO-friendly as well, it is nothing less than the icing on the cake. SEO optimized, quality content helps your website get higher rankings in search engines that ultimately draws in more business. Understand the crucial importance and need of professional, versatile and quality writers; we bring you Content Writing service as well.

Website Content – Flyer Content – Blog Management – Landing Pages Content – Case Studies

  • No recruiting costs
  • Hire dedicated or shared resources
  • No operational costs
  • No need to pay for vacations, sick leaves, or pregnancy leaves;
  • No high end office cost
  • No additional hardware and infrastructure cost;
  • No HR expenses

. Hire the best, educated and experienced writers through us and get recognized among all the competitors.

Content Writing Company

We provide crisp, clean and persuasive written-to-order content.

A team of exceptionally creative and skilled content writers combined with professional eagle-eyed editors promise to take your business to unimaginable heights with their high quality content writing service. We assure you the most excellent work at the best possible prices as for us your business is not just another project. We understand how much your business means to you and therefore our team strives hard to provide work of the highest possible quality to every single client. We see our success in terms of your success.

Outsource content creation

We have separate departments for article writing, article rewriting, website content writing, whitepaper writing, case studies, marketing content writing and only the best of the writers are employed in each of them. The material, after being written, is then forwarded to a proofreader who would pick up even the slightest of errors and run a plagiarism check on it. The content is checked and rechecked several times for its authenticity, originality, and quality before being forwarded to the client as we can never compromise on excellence under any circumstances.

We are a leading content writing agency where you can outsource your website, blog and marketing content writing.

We have gained expertise on every single niche, be it technical writing, computer and technology, internet marketing, eCommerce, gaming, automotive, fashion, business, finance, real estate, legal, self improvement, family, teens, healthcare, communications, relationships, travel and leisure, health and fitness, sports,  descriptions (products, services, software etc), reviews (products, software, books, services etc), biographies, spirituality, news, flyers, brochures, advertisement, and much more!

How to Start Software House in Pakistan

Are you looking to start software company in Pakistan?

Are you a software engineer, investor or business person.

Are you passionate, you love creating software, you are obsessed with everything that involves coding.


Software development is one of the fastest growing industry in Pakistan. It’s awesome that Pakistan is producing number of IT specialists, software engineers and software developers every years.

We help setting software houses in Pakistan ( Contact Us )

Many Pakistani students who are settle abroad or studying abroad show keen interest in starting software houses in Pakistan. Not only those Pakistani who live in Dubai, Abu Dhahi, United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom have great interest in starting software house in Pakistan. But Also the Pakistani software engineers who are doing job from sometime now  are looking to start software house.

Therefore we decided to set the right material for someone who should be leading the way of a software house in the market.

Once you step into the real world.

The passion turns into the endless hours of struggle, you need to have money!

If you don’t have proper investment the obsession with something you loved morphs into frustration when you fail to get the desired results.

Therefore it is recommended to have proper investment before you step into starting software house in Pakistan.

Imagining your own software house while sitting in a classroom sounds very attractive and the mere idea of working for yourself and being a boss is extremely pleasing. In a real world it involve investment to start software house.

How to find software house space in Pakistan?

Once you think you have enough budget to keep things running, The first thing you need to do is to find a space/office on rent or If you own a space you are step ahead from those who does not have one. The major software houses in Pakistan are located in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad therefore it’s recommended to find office in these cities. You can find talent software engineers in major Pakistani cities.

If you settled abroad and are looking for a software house office space in Lahore at affordable rent or to buy one you can contact us to find you one.

Now, once you are done with finding office space you defiantly need to invest on resources. You need computer systems, electricity, internet connection, human resources, office chairs, tables, ACs, UPS, Generator and of-course laptops.

The small software house setup cost range from RS. 100,000 to RS. 500,000 in Pakistan whereas middle and large go from RS. 500,000 to RS. 20,00000 or even higher.

How to register a software house in Pakistan?

Now once you are done with office setup the next thing you will need to do is to register a software house in Pakistan.

You can register your software house as sole proprietor or as private limited company. Registering sole proprietor does is pretty straight forward and does not involve high registration fee but there are drawbacks of registering a sole proprietor company because this cannot be transfer and you cannot give share of your company to anyone. And sole proprietor business is alive until you are alive. It cannot be transfer to your children or anyone. This is the major drawback of sole proprietor software house.

On other hand if you are looking for a proper software house registering a private limited company is the way to go. Most of the leading software house registered in Pakistan and Private limited.

Also, Government of Pakistan has lucrative offer for software export in Pakistan all software export is tax free for 3 years. You don’t need to pay any taxes on software export. Though the employees you hire will pay income tax as happen with any Pakistani company.

You defiantly need to have office space before you register a software houses in Pakistan because you need to attach property documents or rent agreement with application.

We help register software houses in Pakistan whether sole proprietor or private limited you can contact us if you need more information.

Once you are all set, Now you have office space and register software house in Pakistan. The next thing is find clients. Mostly people start software house when they already have contracts with 2,3 clients as paying customers.

How Software Houses Operate in Pakistan?

There are basically two ways software houses operate in Pakistan. To go about this situation and only one factor that actually decide your fate.

You may either start with doing other people’s projects or start working on your own software idea.

A project is a customer specific product that you are hired to work on. The client hires you to work on a certain software development project; they direct you the whole time and pay you once the project is completed. Depending on the nature of the project and the client’s demands, you may be required to sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement) document as well. If you settle abroad you can find clients from that countries like United States, Canada, Dubai, Australia, Singapore who outsource project to cut down expensive labor cost.

Similarly, you may also choose not to work for anyone else and develop your own product idea. You will need to consider a lot of factors before hand, the major one being the capital.

Do you have enough money to spend into a business and business idea without expecting any return for a few years and still have enough as your backup?

Can you sustain a lifestyle that way?

Let’s say you have got enough money to set up a decent business without having to withdraw a single penny from it and maintaining your life through other income sources. This is the right path for you.

Here are a few questions you must ask yourself before going the innovation route:

  • What should you innovate?
  • Is there a demand in the local market for your product?
  • Will it be more suitable to consumers living abroad?
  • Should you redevelop an idea which you think could do better with your solution?
  • Or should you spend on a completely different idea?
  • Is your local market educated enough to understand your product?
  • Are the people already using a software that you think could be improved a lot more?
  • Can you provide a more user-friendly and precise solution to their problems?
  • Is your idea ground-breaking and has the potential to change the business world forever?

After doing the extensive research and the required R & D, it’s time to put the results together and work your way towards implementation.

Here you will consider two most important things associated with the product that will decide whether you can execute it or not.

Scope of the product and its cost.

Remember, the simpler you keep your product the less money you will spend on it and will be able to focus better on the very few and core features you offer. You need to decide your product’s scope. Depending on your market, niche and customer type, you may narrow down the scope to some specific functions and solutions. The precise the better.

How to find clients after starting software house in Pakistan?

And finally when you are done with the product, or decided to offering software development services to clients. You will need marketing resources.  First of all you need to develop a website for your software house or product. SEOLHR offer website development service to software houses located anywhere in the world. We can develop you professional custom, amazing looking website at affordable cost. We develop websites for clients all over the world.

Next, If you haven’t heard about search engine optimization you are living in dark ages. Search engine optimization is the process of ranking website from the targeted keywords in search engine like if you are offering software development service in Dubai, You will want your website to rank from keywords like “software development company Dubai” and “software development service Dubai” and more keywords targeted to U.A.E market.

Note: Search engine optimization is toughest job in the market and even the best of best struggle with SEO most of the time. SEOLHR is the leading SEO Company in Asia. We offer search engine optimization service to software houses located anywhere in the world. If you looking for a professional and leading SEO company in Asia to optimize your website you can contact our specialists.

SEO plays an important role to bring business on table and it's the backbone of leading software houses in Pakistan or anywhere in the world. If you are looking for find clients you need to spend in search engine optimization.

Content Marketing: Other than SEO content marketing also plat important role to bring business on table. For content marketing you can hire Professional content writing service at monthly set budget. They regularly write content on your blog so website can reach maximum eyeballs though content.

Content marketing is rated in high regards to find clients for software development companies.

Once you have calculated everything, you will understand if you can put in the money required to start your software house in Pakistan.

If you are living abroad, have sufficient budget and looking to start you software house in Pakistan. We can take care of every single stuff to make your software house successful!

Good Luck with your venture.

Custom Web Development for Cardiologists

As a cardiologist, every day a huge number of precious lives reach out to you for health and survival. Thus, a cardiac website becomes extremely important. The presence of a website is crucial as it increases patient engagement and provides information to patients about their medical condition.

Without a website, it gets difficult for heart patients to get help and at times even jeopardizes lives. We specialize in best cardiac website designs which include features you won’t find anywhere else. Our sole motto is to provide welfare to the patients and save lives.

Moreover, our cardiologic websites will improve communication and improve your patient base. This way you get to practice and become prestigious in your field. We build unique tailored websites for our clients which are inclusive of all medical solutions.

The company’s medical web experts effectively produce excellent website designs. Our market compatible team manages and keeps your site up-to-date. The medical web services include Search Engine Optimization, Logo design, website design, web management and social media marketing.

From domain registration to content management we’ve got you covered. We work dedicatedly to make your website a strong platform that will attract patients and increase their base.

Your potential patient needs a high-end profile to differentiate you from others. Our vast experience of cardiac web development guarantees real results. We bring your esteemed services to life by bringing you a clean layout with all the key elements in agreement to a successful cardiologic web design.

Most importantly, the clear cut web site will earn your patient’s respect and confidence. Our company promises to develop a smart, responsive website that will transform the way people comprehend your craniological practice and bring more power to your personnel.

Our years of experience has left us with satisfied medical professionals and high-end recommendations.

The rules of making corporate websites

A corporate website should be clean and it must convey information directly. We as a team believe in contemporary solutions to business web development. Our team helps showcase your services and products through customized designs that compliment your company.

Programming Codes

We compose simple web consistent codes that help the operational proficiency of your business site with respect to ease of your costumers. Neatly composed codes additionally makes a site adaptable, as it won’t be troublesome for any web developer to peruse and comprehend later.

Aesthetic Web Templates

A website plays an important role in branding and marketing efforts. The tailored designs help generate traffic on your site and boost your sales. We at SEOlhr build exclusive website for your business.

SEO Web Applications

A search optimized website secures the first page of the search engines. In short, this optimal site loads faster and increases the human traffic which ultimately boosts your revenue.

Error – Free Website

As rightly put by Alan.J, it is impossible for any web developer in Pakistan to nail a project completely without any errors. Our motto is to test the site again and again on different gadgets before dispatching it to our customer as an error-free website.