We have most experience and talented SEO team that lives, breathes, sleeps, and dreams SEO. We SEO small business websites to Fortune 500 websites. We understand the importance of your margins.

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We can help you rank your website higher than your competitors

Let's work together to deliver results that matters to you. We understand that as a business owner, you are a busy individual so when you hand over your website’s SEO rails to us, you’re only required to focus on providing the best-as-ever product or services to your customers. .

More than JUST An Affordable SEO COMPANY

We can improve online presence of your business in your country no matter from which country you are and more importantly we work to achieve business goals. We are helping business owners by increase their revenue through building their strong online presence.

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About Our Company

Vast experience meets ambitious vision.

We are one of the leading and independent digital marketing agency specialized in vigilantly skilled different strategic answer to digital era. At SEO lhr we also offer SEO and online marketing service. Our team is equipped with talented, passionate and dedicated website professionals. From initial meeting till the end of project our team portrayed professionalism.

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We are weaved up with highly qualified and experienced SEO experts that designs your SEO campaign in an effective manner that not only work, but will create an everlasting impression on your clients’ mind.

Well, unlike most SEO companies in this industry, we’ll always be ready to tell you exactly what we are doing to achieve your website ranking goals. Our SEO experts will make your website technically fit for ranking, our creative content writers will make your website’s content awesome and our SEO strategists will make a strategy that will rank the website higher in search results.

The success of our projects lies on the foundations of an approach that is not only practical but put together, weathered and sophisticated to a level that it indicates achievement. We keep our clients in the loop from the beginning till the end; no stone left unturned for growth, whatever we do, we do it with passion. Whether yours is a Fortune 500 company or a start-up with amazing potential to grow, our SME services are extended out to everyone, no judgments made.

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Team Member Farah / CEO & Founder

I'm the CEO of SEOLHR.Over the years SEOLHR has built several brands that are near & dear to my heart: By profession, Computer Engineer with over 10+ years (whoa, a decade!) of experience in SEO for SMBS and Fortune 500 companies.

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Our Philosophy

Always working to deliver best SEO results to clients infused with emotion and executed with excellence.

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Basic Plan

  • Man Hours /mo - 80 hours
  • SEO Content Creation
  • Link Building / Earning
  • ROI-Focused SEO strategy
  • Link Prospecting
  • Extensive Reporting

Heavy Plan

  • Man Hours /mo - 320 hours
  • SEO Content Creation
  • Link Building / Earning
  • Frontend Dev / Technical SEO Fixes
  • ROI-Focused SEO strategy
  • Link Prospecting
  • Extensive Reporting

Value Plan

  • Man Hours /mo - 160 hours
  • SEO Content Creation
  • Blog Posts Writing / Blogging
  • ROI-Focused SEO strategy
  • Link Prospecting
  • Extensive Reporting

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